My name is Nicole Roozemond. Sweet Beet Vegan Kitchen is my passion. I love good food and I love to make food look great. It is important for me that when someone eats vegan food they are impressed by the tastes and the looks of it. Because vegan food is great! This is a real challenge for me and what it’s all about. The happy surprise of my costumer is my motivation.


My reason for being vegan? For most of my life I have been vegetarian and for 7 years now I have been vegan. Mostly because I love animals and the way we treat animals in the bio industry is awful and has to be changed. The bio industry is also very bad for the environment and I am extremely concerned about this. This also affects our world and humanity. With my vegan life style I can add something positive to our world in my own manner.

Check the menu to get an idea of the food I make. We prefer to use organic products, as little plastic as possible and of course, I am more than open for suggestions!