Homemade soup
( 5.75 per persoon)

• Moroccan lentil soup with carrots, potatoes and onions. Spicy but not too spicy! Served with coriander on the side.
• Pumpkin, mango and coconut soup. Sweet and exotic. Served with coriander on the side.
• Greek chickpea soup with lemon and parsley.
• Thai peanut soup with sweet potato. Served with crispy onions, coriander and cassava crackers.
• Sun dried tomato soup with cashew cream. Served with roasted chick peas.

Homemade quiches – serves about 10 people
( 45 per quiche)

• Italian vegetables, sun dried tomato and cheese quiche
• Crunchy broccoli, caramelised onions and cheese quiche
• Spicy sweet potato, spinach and cheese quiche
• Fried garlic mushrooms, thinly sliced leeks, rice cream and cheese quiche

Homemade salads
( 6 per persoon)

• Quinoa salad with sweet potato, caramelised onions, green peas, chick peas and rucola. Served with a vinaigrette dressing.
• Lentil salad with bulghur, spinach, cherry tomatoes and kiwi. Served with a spicy dressing.
• Green mixed salad with a variety of green salads (rucola, iceberg salad, green salad etc.) tomato, sun dried tomato and roasted sunflower seeds. Served with a sweet and sour dressing.
• Brown rice salad with red paprika, celery, apple and cashew nuts. Served with a soya lemon dressing.

Mixed types of mini rolls filled with a variety of fillings
( 6,50 per persoon)

• hummus, grilled vegetables, and sala
• smoked tofu, iceberg salad, rocket salad and mayonnaise
• cheese, iceberg, rocket, red cabbage kimchi and mayonnaise
• tofu “scrambled” egg with red pepper and salad
• spicy feta salad with iceberg, tomato and alfalfa
• sweet peas and basil spread with sun dried tomatoes, iceberg and rocket