( 3 a piece)

• mini mini quiche with Italian veggies, one bite size
• wrap with hummus, red peppers and salad
• wrap with homemade spicy guacamole, crispy onions and salad
• wrap with caramelized onion and carrot, fresh spinach, tasty hummus and chickpeas
• skewer with smokey tofu, cucumber and red pepper
• skewer with seitan chorizo and olives
• red beet hummus bruschetta, colorful and tasty 
• skewer with baked artichoke and marinated broccoli 
• mushroom filled with cream cheese and sweet pea pesto
• aubergine scallop marinated in white miso sauce and ginger 

( 4,25 a piece)

• soft Vietnamese rice spring roll stuffed with tofu, celery, carrot, coriander, crispy onions and much more. Served with a tangy peanut sauce
• sweet and salty Teriyaki no meat balls ( 2 balls)
• Indonesian corn fritters with a sweet and sour dip
• marinated tempeh sate skewer with peanut sauce

Sandwich triangles
( 3 for 2 pieces)

• cheese, chutney and salad
• seitan salami, pickle and salad
• ‘egg salad’, mayonnaise and salad
• cucumber, mayonnaise and dill


Mixed types of luxury rolls with different ingredients
( 4,25 a piece)

• cheese, salad, tomato, alfalfa and chutney
• hummus, grilled vegetables, and salad
• smoked tofu, iceberg salad, rucola salad and mayonnaise
• cheese, thinly sliced beetroot, spinach, crispy onions and mayonnaise
• tofu “scrambled” egg with grilled vegetables and salad
• spicy feta salad with iceberg, tomato and alfalfa
• sweet peas and basil spread with sun dried tomatoes, iceberg and rocket

The ultimate hummus platter
( 5,50 per person. Min. of 6 people)

• Tasty homemade hummus, olives, avocado, cucumber, tomato, salad, celery, carrots, pickles, marinated broccoli and bread

Baked in the oven
( 3,50 a piece)

• Italian veggie mini quiche with cheese
• sweet potato spicy empanada with homemade chutney
• Indian cauliflower, potato and sweet pea samosa served with homemade mango chutney